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Royal Air Maroc, is the Moroccan national carrier, as well as the country's largest airline. RAM is fully owned by the government of Morocco, and has its headquarters on the grounds of Casablanca-Anfa Airport. From its base at Mohammed V International Airport, the carrier operates a domestic network in Morocco, scheduled international flights to Africa, Asia, Europe, North & South America, and occasional charter flights that include Hajj services


The company serves 90 destinations in Morocco and in the world. Royal Air Maroc has codeshare agreements with the following airlines, as of January 2014:

  • Air France
  • Air Nostrum
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Etihad Airways: RAM places its code on the Casablanca–Abu Dhabi–Casablanca route, actually operated by Etihad, as well as on flights operated by the Emirati carrier that radiate from Abu Dhabi and serve Bahrain, Dubai, Kuwait and Oman. Signed in 2007, the agreement was updated in December 2012.
  • Emirates
  • Iberia
  • JetBlue Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc Express
  • Saudi Arabian Airlines
  • Turkish Airlines

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Royal Air Maroc Service Réclamations Clientèle Aéroport
Casablanca - Morocco

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From Morocco: 089000 0800
From abroad: 0212522489797


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Check-in guide

At the airport, you can check in and collect your boarding pass at a Royal Air Maroc check-in desk or at a self-service check-in. Faster service. Your baggage has been taken care of and you've got your boarding pass — now you can relax and enjoy your journey.

Royal Air Maroc check-in desk

To check in at the desk, you just need your e-ticket or reservation number, your Safar Flyer card and your passport or identity card.

Priority check-in

Travelling in Business Class? There are exclusive check-in desks at your disposal for priority boarding. Do you have a Safar flyer Gold or Silver card? You can use the priority check-in desks on presentation of your Safar Flyer card.

Check-in for unaccompanied children

At check-in, Royal Air Maroc staff will welcome the child, accompanied by their parents or the person appointed to accompany them. Parents must fill out a disclaimer and provide all the necessary information about the person who will be waiting for them at the final destination.

A pouch will be given to each child so they can be easily identified. A member of Royal Air Maroc staff will host your child throughout their journey, until they are collected by the nominated person mentioned on the disclaimer.

Travel Tip

For a domestic flight: If you are travelling on domestic routes, you can check in for a round trip in the same day if you are travelling without baggage. That way, you won't need to check in on the flight back.

For a flight with connection: You can check in along with your baggage to the final destination. Your boarding pass for the connecting flight will be given to you at the point of departure.

Online check-in: For a more convenient way of checking in, consult the E-services/Web check-in section of our website.

Check-in Tips

To avoid missing your flight:
Respect the deadline for check-in. Check-in for international flights is 2 hours (3 hours for long-haul flights) before the scheduled time of departure (off-peak), and 3 (or 4 hours for long-haul flights) hours before in peak periods (school holidays, etc.).
Royal Air Maroc reserves the right to use the reserved seat if the check-in dead-line is not respected.
Check-in closes 45 or 50 minutes before departure time. Respect the deadline for check-in.
If you have checked in on the internet and you don't have any bags to check in, you can arrive at the airport later. However, be sure to respect the time at which you must proceed to boarding, which is 45 or 50 minutes before the departure time of the flight, after which Royal Air Maroc reserves the right to use your seat. Make sure you have all the necessary immigration and sanitary documents required for the country of destination. To enjoy your journey a avoid stress, arrive in plenty of time for your check-in and boarding deadlines.

Refund Policy

For refunds for eligible international tickets, including refunds for ancillary services that were not used due to an oversale situation or flight cancellation, we will issue a credit statement to your credit card issuer within seven business days of receipt of full documentation for the refund requested for credit card purchases within the United States and will provide a refund within 20 days of receipt of a complete refund request for purchases made by cash or check.
Royal Air Maroc will refund a purchased ticket with a full refund without penalty up to 24 hours after reservation for reservations made seven days (168 hours) or more prior to the flight's scheduled departure. This policy applies to refundable as well as non-refundable fares.